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Renato Lombardi: Bio


Nexus is the name of my new record to be released very soon.  Currently, I am in the process of editing it before going to print.  It is mostly acoustic with an intended ambient sound that is somewhat cinematic in nature.  (I guess the visual artist in me cannot cool down)  The instrumentation includes classical guitar, ronroco, charango, and electric guitar with ambient treatments and percussion.  The sound behind Nexus goes through open spaces and intimate passages suggesting some melancholic and introspective moods.  Nexus is the convergence of many feelings aiming at creating a musical space where translucent colors and textural elements invite the listener to take a few moments and let go for a contemplative experience.

A big part of this music came about after I had toured for 40 days all over the US going to very unique towns with huge concert halls, far apart and in faraway places.  This chance brought new views of the world -literally- and of myself along many hours behind the wheel contemplating life.  I had to give back something that I was given during that experience!  

In the meantime I would like to invite you to listen to some of the tracks and let me know what you feel/think about them!


Nube -cloud in Spanish- brought together Paraguayan harpist Nicolas Carter and guitarist Renato Lombardi.  They began as a duet and later became an ensemble releasing four albums with original music.  Renato Lombardi arranged, recorded and produced most of the music.  Nube, their self-titled debut, a very intimate and pensive album was recorded in 2001. In 2008 the long overdue work New Beginning appeared, intended to present, mate de por medio, a music for a new world and its imminent challenges.  In 2009 Renato and Nicolas expanded upon the same thread and created The Golden Bird, a narrated story with music -or music with a story- and its companion The Golden Bird Soundtrack.  During 2009-10 Nube toured fourteen cities in the US playing to full houses & theaters captivating the hearts of their listeners throughout the country and receiving standing ovations.  You can sample some of their music here!